Maximizing Water Efficiency: A Guide to JEA Water Efficiency Rebates in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, FL property commercial owners have an incredible opportunity to improve their commercial buildings water efficiency and reduce utility costs with big help from the JEA Business Rebates Commercial Multifamily WET Program. This initiative, offered by the Jacksonville utility department (JEA), provides financial incentives for implementing water-saving measures (such as high efficiency toilets, showerheads, aerators) in designated commercial and multifamily properties.

Overview of the Program:

The JEA Business Rebates program aims to promote water conservation and sustainability by offering up to $300 per bathroom in equipment rebates for the installation of water-efficient fixtures. Through the Commercial Multifamily WET Program, commercial property owners and managers can receive financial assistance for retrofitting their buildings with high-efficiency toilets, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and tub diverter repairs.

Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for rebates under the program, participants must meet certain eligibility criteria. The property must be a commercial multifamily building serviced by JEA, and at least 90% of the units in the property must undergo retrofitting to be eligible for rebates. Additionally, all equipment installed must be new. Used or refurbished equipment is not eligible for rebates.

Available Water Efficiency Rebates:

The JEA Business Rebates program offers generous rebates for a variety of water-saving measures. For full bathroom retrofit projects, including the installation of WaterSense® 0.8 GPF toilets, WaterSense® low-flow showerheads (< 1.5 gpm), and low-flow bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators (< 1.5 gpm), property owners can receive up to $300 per bathroom. Half bathroom retrofit projects, which include the installation of WaterSense® 0.8 GPF toilets and low-flow bathroom faucet aerators (< 1.5 gpm), are eligible for rebates of up to $150 per bathroom. Based on qualification, each location can receive up to $100,000 in rebates per year!

JEA WET Program – Application Process:

Applying for rebates through the JEA Business Rebates program is a straightforward process. Property owners or managers can complete the Multifamily Water Equipment Technology (WET) Application/Workbook available on the JEA Resources page. Once the application is complete, it can be submitted via the Online Application Portal. Pre-approval is required before the purchase or installation of eligible water upgrades, and pre-approvals are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. Final installation and invoicing must be completed within 90 days of pre-approval to receive a rebate.


The JEA Business Rebates Commercial Multifamily WET Program presents a valuable business case and opportunity for businesses and property owners in Jacksonville to improve water efficiency, reduce utility costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability. By taking advantage of the water efficiency rebates offered through this program, you can make meaningful strides towards conserving water and promoting a more sustainable future for our community.

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